Monday, March 31, 2014

Outdoor Inspiration: 7 Awesome Backyard and Patio!

Spring is here and it's time to enjoy the outdoors! If you have a charming backyard or a gorgeous garden, make sure it has comfortable seating so that you can enjoy the most of the lovely weather.

Relax in your very own oasis of bright flowers and lush greenery. With thoughtfully planned seating arrangement, you could entertain your guests or even enjoy reading a book in pure solitude. Customize the seating in your garden with these awesome ideas and inspirations!!

Bring the pizzazz of indoor fireplace, outside. The gorgeous mirror, mantel,chandelier hanging from the tree, rustic furniture and colorful furnishings :)

A simple balcony can be transformed with potted green plants, cute birdhouses, simple bench and comfortable cushions. A fun way to decorate a small size patio!

A contemporary, modern seating under trellis. Add overhanging lamps and low cushions for a gorgeous seating arrangement outside. Enjoy the outdoors!

Do not forget to ready your back porch for the weather! Pallets for simple seating solutions, cost friendly and easy DIY. Mix of cushions and burlap add a sweet rustic charm!

A mix of pebbles and wooden planks help create the two gorgeous areas for entertainment! The garden is absolutely stunning, and right seating makes it perfect haven for relaxing. Love!

A adobe style backyard, earthy and rustic. The seating is comfortable and charming, absolutely fit for a lazy afternoon and late evening barbeque. So perfect, just my taste :)

Small balconies in condo's are difficult to decorate, some creativity sure would make it amazing! River stones, bamboo screen and lush greens. Adding swing is just perfection!

We at love hearing from you! Please leave us your thoughts and comments. They inspire us :)


Patrick Tan said...

Beautiful ideas! I particularly loved that small condo balcony. Very clever!
Patrick Tan

Judee Algazi said...

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emma willson said...

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mackyton said...

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